Manual Air Valves For Air Ride Suspension It's sooo easy. It's Ol' Skool in a Hi-Tech design
Manual Air ValvesFor Air Ride SuspensionIt's sooo easy. It's Ol' Skool in a Hi-Tech design

Easy installation

Just connect 4 lines - one to each bag

Then 1 line to your tank. That's all you need to have a working air ride control. No wires. 



Easy Operation - Variable speed

The more you move the lever the faster you move. Up or down.



Easy on the wallet - Great value

Quality built valve that's machined from billet and anodized to last for years.

You only need 5 fittings to connect this valve.


New Smaller Size - Same Air Flow

Air ride suspension - plug and play - multivalve control.

The MT375-4 "FOURPLAY" $279.99

Air ride suspension made easy. Little Larry's manual valves is all you need to control your ride. Little Larry's FOURPLAY valve provides a new option for air ride suspension. Up until now your only option for manual valve control of your air ride suspension were ball valves or small low flow valves. This is the first manual air valve designed for air ride suspension.  With the manifold built into the valve, installation is very easy. Top quality machining and materials. Brass spools, stainless steel hardware and anodized aluminum body. There are no parts that will rust. Very compact to fit in tight spaces. No need for a cluster of hoses to organize. One pressure port one exhaust port and four control ports. That means you only need to connect 5 hoses and you have a working system. It's plug and play in a compact, reliable and rebuildable unit. Internal port design is large enough to rival 1/2" valves for speed. All control ports are 3/8" NPT. Four 1/8" NPT ports provided for pressure guages. Mounting can be accomplished 2 ways. It can be installed through a rectangular opening or mounted below the dash with optional mounting plate. No wires to run.
Push the handle up to go up. Push the handle down to go down. The handle spring returns to the center to hold. Short movement of the handle for slow. Full movement of the handle for FAST.


 Never has an air ride suspension valve been this easy to install.

 Litlle Larry's manual valves are the only manual valves made for air ride suspension.


  • Easy set up - Connect 1 pressure hose and 4 control hoses. That's it.  All ports come straight out the back. Less fittings needed equals less money.
  • 3 easy mounting options - flush, or with optional mounting plate under the dash or over the dash.
  • Machined from aluminum billet - black anodized for durability.
  • Compact design.
  • Variable flow gives you variable speed.
  • Working pressure up to 200 psi.
  • 4) 1/8" NPT ports for guage connection.
  • Rebuildable - uses standard o-rings.
  • Valves are inside the vehicle - less chance to freeze up
  • Available in a 4 valve block (Fourplay) and a 2 valve block (Touche).

No longer are electric valves your only choice as your air bag valve. The FOURPLAY valve is easier to install, has variable speed and it's more reliable than electrics.




The "FOURPLAY" gives you full control to your air ride suspension - FBSS. 



View of the back

View of the ports

Little Larry's FOURPLAY Manual Valve $279.99

Contiguous 48 states only. For other locations a Paypal invoice wiil be sent to you for the additional shipping.

Optional mounting plate for mounting under or over the dash. $18.99


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